Attracting buyers is the name of the game. As a seller, you have two goals:

1. To get the most money possible.

2. To sell as quickly as you can.

Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. What Affects Your Asking Price?

  • Urgency. How quickly must you sell?

  • Competition. Are there just a few or many homes available in your price category and area?

  • Competitive Market Analysis. Do you know what similar homes in the area sold for within the last six months?

  • Expenses. What are your selling costs?

What Happens to an Overpriced House?

  • You’ll help sell the competition. The “correctly priced” homes look even better if yours is overpriced. Most buyers are competitive shoppers.

  • Your home will stay on the market a long time. Did you know that 80% of your potential buyers will see your house in the first four to six weeks?

  • You’ll lose market interest and qualified buyers. Serious buyers use the value, quality and price of similar properties as deciding factors.

  • A negative impression is created. People will wonder why your house is still on the market – they’ll believe something is wrong with your home.

  • You (the seller) would lose money. You may have to make extra mortgage payments as well as incur taxes, insurance and unplanned maintenance costs.

align their goals with yours:

1. To get you the most money possible;
2. To sell your home as quickly as possible;
3. To make selling your home an awesome and profitable experience for you.

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